Best Memory Foam Mattress Toppers Reviews

Wow! What amazing comfort there is to be found in a mattress topper. It is like sleeping on air literally. The aches and pains typically suffered each and every night are gone. The nights of overheating from lying on a mattress that trapped and radiated back the body heat … gone. The sleepless nights worrying about how to pay for such comfort also, mercifully gone.


Two inches of memory foam: imagine two full inches of awesome comfort to sink into every night.



Ventilated airflow: this keeps your body from turning into a puddle at night when you fall asleep thinking you have reached the perfect snuggle temperature only to find that your mattress is storing heat for next year.


More than just ‘standard’ sizes: they also offer an extra-large full, an extra-large twin, an Olympic Queen, a Split Queen, a California King, a Split King, a Split California King and an RV Queen. Of course, they offer all of the standard sizes as well; the King, Queen, Full and Twin.



Every mattress cover is covered by a three-year warranty so you don’t have to worry if your Aunt Grace comes for a visit and tries to tell you that your mattress topper will never hold up because she bought an inferior one once…you can simply tell her that it is covered and smile as you drift off to sleep in cool comfort.



OH, and I almost forgot to mention that the pressure relief is incredible. It cradles your body through the night allowing your sleep the way you were intended to sleep and their open cell technology makes it so you leave no butt print and no body ditch in the middle of the bed.



Of course, mattress toppers have earned a bad reputation for causing the sheets to not fit the bed right and they slip off constantly and it is a hassle and causes the very sleeplessness that the mattress topper is supposed to solve; however, this topper has topped the rest. It is smaller on all sides to allow the corners of the sheets to reach the bottoms of the mattress corners just the way they are supposed to.



Two inches of foam with no butt print, ventilated airflow, variety of sizes, 3-year warranty, superior comfort, pressure relief, low price, and free shipping that’s why you should buy a Lucid Lenin Spa Ventilated Viscoelastic Mattress Topper.




Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Pad Bed Topper Review



My wife and I have been trying to find the perfect night sleep for as long as we have been married. As I’ve gotten older it has become more and more difficult to relax and not feel like my old mattress is hurting my back. Well, that is until we bought this memory foam mattress included on web portal.



It goes directly on top of your current mattress, which gives you added support, but squishes to fit your body perfectly so that a lot of pressure is alleviated.



A More Restful Night



When you place the memory foam on top of your mattress you will instantly see results. Where previously your mattress may have slumped or sagged, the memory foam will make those areas seem negligible. You will receive the support you need, which your mattress may not have provided in all areas.






The memory foam is three inches with four-pound density foam. It is designed to rest on top of your current mattress and the foam is easily removed if needed. It is designed to enhance your current mattress, so if you are nearly happy with what you have the memory foam is a perfect way to make it better.



No More Pressure



The foam was made to conform to your body, so you will receive all of the comfort you need to get a good night sleep, as will anyone else who sleeps in the bed. A normal mattress pushes against certain pressure points in your body because the mattress actually bows against you, but the foam conforms to every ridge pressed against it.



Quality Product



The memory foam has the added benefit of the PURGreen certification. I was especially impressed by this, because it means that the memory foam was designed, made, packaged, and distributed in the United States of America. It meets the standard requirements, including EPA and CSPC, and is completely free of harmful materials. In short, this product is a beautiful American-made piece of engineering.



Gel-Like Feel



Sleeping on memory foam feels like squishing into a soft, stuffed pillow. A lot of people think it feels like gel, and they aren’t wrong. The four-pound density is hard at first, but quickly softens so you will feel right at home.




If you are having trouble sleeping at night I strongly recommend this product. I sleep ten times better than I used to, and most of my back pain has disappeared completely. Try it out!