Tips on protecting your ears from the hearing loss

Sound pollution is one of the most common problems people are facing nowadays. For continuous sound pollution, people are suffering from severe kind of hearing problem. Sometimes the problems are so severe that the hearing can be damaged completely. If anyone hears loud noise for a long time, the hearing can be lost permanently. Sometimes sudden noise coming from the burst of explosive can also damage the hearing permanently. The noise of the gunshot, fireworks are extremely harmful to the ears. It can damage the hearing permanently anytime. Most of the people listen to music or watch videos with the headphone. Continuous loud music headphone can damage your hearing permanently anytime. Sometimes we don’t have control over the noise and the loud sound. These time taking precautions is important to avoid the problems with our hearing. Here I am providing few tips for safer listening.



1. If you are standing is staying in a place where the noise is creating problems and the loud noise is going beyond your hearing limit, you should use earmuffs, or earplugs regularly to protect your hearing. You should immediately leave the place where the noise is loud and can possibly do harm your hearing.



2. The music system nowadays is made with very high volume. You should not hear music at high volume. The audible scale varies from person to person greatly. The sound which is comfortable to you may create irritation to the others. Even you are listening to music in high volume for many days, your hearing may also get damaged and leave a permanent effect on your ear.



3. The noise cancellation headphones are the best choice when hearing the personal music. You should hear music with the high-end headphone which has active noise cancellation feature. When you don’t get any loud noise from the external places, you will be able to enjoy the music peacefully keeping the volume of your mp3 device low.



4. You should always turn down the sound of the television and radio when watching or hearing any program. Hearing programs in a low volume you can reduce the chance of minimizing the hearing loss.



5. Some workplaces are extremely noisy especially the industrial places where production is running on all the time. If the noise level is too loud for the ears, you should request the authority to arrange something for noise reduction.



6. Hearing loud music in a confined place is not recommended. People often hear loud music on their car. If you hear loud music for too long in a confined place, it may create a permanent hearing loss.